Membership or Subscription? Which is the right one for you?

The following people are eligible to become members of the BCATA:

  • BCTF members (FT/PT teachers, TTOCs; active or on leave)
  • BCTF Associates who have paid the annual $100 fee
  • Retirees who retired from active BCTF membership
  • Students in a post-secondary program leading to BC teacher certification

The following people are eligible to become subscribers:

  • independent school teachers
  • individuals who hold no form of BCTF membership
  • institutions
  • organizations

As a BCATA Member or Subscriber, you will

  • join a network of over 2-300 K-12 and Post-Secondary art educators in Canada to share ideas and information
  • be able to participate in the annual conference with a variety of keynotes, workshops and events
  • receive 4 issues of Visually Speaking,¬†highlighting art education in British Columbia
  • receive 2 quality journals on specific issues in art education
  • receive a discount card for purchasing art supplies at OPUS stores
  • members are eligible to vote and hold office; subscribers are not

To become a BCATA member or subscriber, complete the PSA (Provincial Specialist Association) application form, and send form and fee to the B. C.Teachers’ Federation.PSA Services, BCTF, 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2