Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BEST way to renew my membership?
The fastest way to renew your membership is to fill in the renewal form found at the back of every journal or from the link above, and send it with a cheque to the BCTF. Renewing through the BCATA executive results in unnecessary delays, and your OPUS card will take much longer to arrive.

What if I move or change my name?
Contact the BCTF immediately to ensure there is no disruption to your benefits. It is the BCTF that mails you the newsletters and journals. The BCTF is also responsible for keeping the membership list current, and mails the membership rep an updated list every month or so. Sending your address or name changes to a member of the BCATA executive will cause unnecessary delays, as it is ultimately the BCTF that needs the notification.

Why does the membership card take so long to arrive?
The membership chair receives an updated list about once a month. Often, members who have renewed recently are not on that list, as they may have missed it by a day or so. This means that your name will not appear until the next month’s update. It is for this reason that OPUS has kindly agreed to a 2-month extension to your discount card.

Why am I being sent renewal reminders when my OPUS card is still good for 2 more months?
For your convenience, OPUS provides you with a 2-month extension on your discount card. This provision has been made to allow for the inevitable delays in processing your membership. The date on the card is NOT the date at which your membership expires, but the date at which your OPUS discount expires. To ensure that there is no disruption to your membership benefits, you should renew by the date specified on the reminder you receive in the mail.

Who should I contact regarding my membership card?
If your OPUS card does not arrive within 2 months of renewal, contact the membership chair, Eileen Ryan