Advocacy Resources

These resources are the collaborative work of students and educators, and are freely available for educators to download and use to promote art education.

Policy Guidelines for Arts Education in Canadian Schools
Developed by the National Symposium on Arts Education (NSAE), these guidelines provide direction for arts education in Canada along the following dimensions: learning in, through, and about the arts; curriculum; culture and diversity; teachers and teacher education; resources; partnerships; research, and leadership.

 Advocacy Pamphlet

Please distribute to parents, teachers, counsellors, and administrators.
Print it onto letter size paper (It helps if you choose maximum margin and centering on Page Setup when printing). Photocopy back to back, and fold into three with the BCATA logo and student art work showing on back and front.


Why Arts? poster

This poster outlines why the arts make a difference.


Additional resources are available on the advocacy posters page.

BCATA 2017 Conference Mural

Collaborative mural initiated by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas during the 2016 BCATA/CSEA ‘Intersections’ conference.